Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, why do I keep writing about the nonsense that Walt Heyer throws up?

Largely, it's because every time he opens his yap on a subject, I end up finding a few more articles written elsewhere that seem to be all too quick to echo his sentiments without bothering to do any real research.

Take, for example, the article recently published in the Kelowna Daily Courier newspaper entitled "Transgendered kids a bunch of baloney".  Too much of this article reads like the writer has run across Heyer's blog, and or possibly watched one too many Fox News interviews of Keith Ablow who runs around making all kinds of scurrilous claims about transfolk and homosexuals, claiming authority because he has a PhD.

These kinds of idiotic arguments need to be called out for one simple reason - to fail to do so would be to tacitly accept the lies that they contain.

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